Bjørn Magnhildøen on Mon, 26 Feb 2007 18:50:31 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> trash pickup

first one in a triptyc of recycl

commodity - trash - art - commodity ...
trash - treasure - treshold
there's a fourth also but it's not there

here you just trash your stuff, and you can help recycle before the
stuff is picked up and turned into art. because once it's art it's
hard to get rid of.

the illusion of recycling when the trash is outsourced to china and
produces more waste than was coming in. entropy. this is like the
perpetuum mobile idea. if things are recycled things will go around
and all is wheel and well.

preliminar kuratorial statement: boy, i don't know what to say -

once things are art they will be displayed bluntly as things as art
for their appearance.

another aspect is the public service. once it's trashed it's returned
to the public domain, nature and culture, actually culture, as nature.
there's a secret culture, well i guess it has to have its secrets to
be a culture, a book title 'cultural secrets' will sell well. a nuance
is not a secret. i realize this is hypertext as it only follows
itself. if somebody stuffs it, it's at least free. so then, it's
public domain net art, as before.

next stage, to come, is the transformation from art to thing, once
something is art and is returned to a state of ordinary object. yeah
you see that's not so easy, it will still have a smell of art.

the fourth state which isn't there is the so called thing in itself.
which i think i refuted in an earlier post about schopenhauer. it was
refuted very easy, now i don't remember but you can look it up.

the start of this project was rather idealistic, i wanted to land the
people who searched for 'trash pickup' onto a page and serve them ads.
that might work, i don't know yet. the money i get from ads will be
part of the ars publica project which is getting money from net art,
so far ars publica got 6,250 euro in funding, and throughout 2007
maybe 3,600 dollars in ads. i'm working on my pension.

that's all for now, we'll be back later with the other two.

to come  - we don't have art/ - it's too slow

best regards,
Alias Artman

we're intellectuals - friday we went to hear Baudrillard's talk on
art. He didn't say much, actually he wasn't there (get it?). It's
true, he had to cancel because of sickness.

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