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<nettime> The Vaffanculo Day

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re all,

worth to mention (i miss Lorenzo's italian-mambo!), as it filled up many
hearts in Italy and, despite the strong opposition of the regime, also
some newspapers:
the first V-day (8 september 2007) - for which Beppe Grillo writes

 Today marks the start of the new Renaissance forged by Italians. On 8
 September 1943, the Royals scuttled off to Pescara. Behind them they
 left Italy in a shambles. Today nothing has changed. Parliament is
 occupied by unauthorized people chosen by Party secretaries. They no
 longer scuttle away - they don't need to. They live in a world apart,
 with body guards and television.
 They are the unauthorized ones. Nobody elected them. They have taken
 away our freedom to vote for a candidate.

believe me when i say you shouldn't take the above just as the same old
italian rant or demagogical operation: it is developing in a big and
non-exclusive grassroot movement producing a very detailed and objective
analysis of the italian political status, without omitting the necessary
irony and sarcasm to oil such a monstrous dialectical process.

i remember Beppe Grillo in TV when i was a kid, he appeared few times
every several years reaching incredible audience shares and success, but
promptly censored and banned from the media after every performance.
now he incarnates the phenomenon - seen already in Sabina Guzzanti's
ri8t tv program - for which italian satyrical scene needs to cover a
political void to disclose national facts which would never be told


after a buildup that lasted months, starting with Beppe's speech at the
European Parlament, the V-DAY was filling up piazza maggiore in Bologna
5 days ago and it's now gathering results and reactions in various

some people thinks it will just dry up as yet-another-italian-party;
or what else?

BTW nice post about gladio! Beppe was one of the first persons ever
mentioning that in public, back in the days it was a secret...


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