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Re: <nettime> Cybernetics and the Control Society

Wiener's response was a very different one -- we are all "zombies", so
we must wait for the humans to reappear.
I call it his "Genius Project."  My father was working with him on  this and 
devoted his career as a historian of ancient mathematics to  studying Ptolemy.
Wiener's most important collaborator was Giorgio De Santillana.  Take  a look 
at his "Hamlet's Mill."
The problem is that without some fundamental understanding of the  difference 
between a human and a zombie you don't know who you are playing  with.  It's 
the Blade Runner dilemma.
You are being far too generous about those you presume to be the  "resisters."
Btw, these topics first surfaced at the nettime Ljubljana conference  "Beauty 
and the East" in May 1997.
Mark Stahlman
New York City

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