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<nettime> re.sonance.007 CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

Dear nettime readers,

as you might remember form last time, we are again producing a
re.sonance. We would like to ask you for a contribution to the
hardcopy we are working on, especially cause we work on a mapping of
your international framework as we describe in the concept of the book
on our webpage:

As many of the important initiatives like Rhizome,,
fibreculture ect. are reading this list and we would like to ask them
for contributions in the following our general announcement. The
deadline for submission of articles can be expanded for some 3 days,
but still it is the target to get your contributions within one week.
Please excuse the short planing. We are working on that issue.

We are happy for any of your contributions and are also still looking
for some keynote articles for the upcoming printed publication.

Please visit our Webpage for further
information on this "Call for Participation".

simon b. haefele


This year we are again requesting your help in our joint production.
At the moment we are planning 5 means of publication for this year,
within the scope of re.sonance.007.

*) A New Webpage and Database. ( )

*) A Hardcopy with approx. 130 Pages.

*) A Work-In-Progress-Show with Lectures and Workshops.

*) A Music and Performance Night.

*) A Multimedia DVD.

This year's re.sonance will be a 10 days long public process.
Within that timeframe, selected works will be presented in a
Work-In-Progress-Show, a hardcopy edition, workshops and on DVD. This
Call is to invite you to contribute your works to one or more parts of
this release. re.sonance happens on a 2 year cycle, so this will be
your last chance until 2009.

This time not only members, but also
contributors from similar organisations worldwide, are invited to
publish within the given frameworks/topics.

We are creating a book, looking into 2 particular topics. Your copy
will also report on the events within the
community. Similar to our first edition re|sonance|network|futures|005
( ) every contributor will have 2
pages to present her or his art, theory or activism project.

To address our 2 main topics "Neighborhood Mapping - International
Framework" and "Art & (Net)-Activism" we also call out to artists,
activists and organisations working with methods and topics similar to
our own.

Our new "evolve" database-service will enable our members and visitors
to index and search the grown list of hosted projects more easily. The
existing simple "List of Hosted Sites" (
) will be replaced with your information. Therefore we invite the
members of to fill in the details about their
own websites on the newly developed (still empty) portal page http://

As we are again producing with VERY low budget, we can "only" offer
you a free hardcopy edition in exchange for your contribution, and
are happy to again invite you to use our free-of-charge webhosting
services. Since 1998 has offered free digital
communication services including webspace, mailinglists, blog and cms
systems for artists and writers. Experimental services and development
possibilities for activists and hackers have been included since the
beginning of the new millenium.

We also invite you to contribute to our DVD edition. DVD, events and
publications are open for programming by you and your activity. We
are searching for people to help in the production of re.sonance.
Artists to present, theorists and press agents to write about us and
our doings; any and all contributions are warmly welcomed.

Please refer to our webpage in order
to inform yourself about the details and timelines of the production
or to get in contact.

The deadline for the submissons of articles or multimedia works is the
2nd of October 2007.

Looking forward to your substantial contributions, your shares on

the re.sonance.007 production team.

free virtual homelands 4 artists
Simon B. Haefele
Kellermanngasse 1-3/25
1070 Vienna
Austria, EU

cell: +43 676 7 33 4 55 7
email: binsh AT sonance DOT net

the call for participation
of re.sonance.007 is still on.

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