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Re: <nettime> search engines on the move

But this is not the same concept as, let's call it,
Ideal-From-the-Scratch search engine. Such engine has everything, but
it depends on your ability to communicate what are you looking for.
Which means that you need to have an idea about "common" semantics
that others use. Good search engine is just that - a short-circuit,
raw computing power.

The moment you delegate a part of serch specification to a specialized
portal, there is a new layer of mediation, editing and screening.
That's not a search engine, that's a portal. So now, for your 17
interests there are 17 portals with 17 editorial boards. This looks
to me like emulating pre-internet media, specialized magazines, and
removing the possibility of being able to stumble on anything - and
the problem of having to know how to search for it.

> Services like spring to mind as alternatives that are
> already replacing Google for specialized searches. I think many
> users are now growing accustomed to searching for info by looking
> first via some network which they judged as a good match for their
> interests, and only turning to google as a second choice, or for an
> image search.

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