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<nettime> The Boredom Patrol at Artivistic 2007!

Artivistic 2007 [http://artivistic.org] is taking place in Montreal,
from October 25-27th. Artivistic is an international transdisciplinary
three-day gathering on the interPlay between art, information and
activism. Artivistic emerges out of the proposition that not only
artists talk about art, academics about theory, and activists about
activism. Founded in 2004, the event aims to promote transdisciplinary
and intercultural dialogue on activist art beyond critique, to create
and facilitate a human network of diverse peoples, and to inspire,
proliferate, activate.

The Boredom Patrol of the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army
[http://circasd.org] will be there, playing with all the other
amazing creative people who are coming. The Boredom Patrol is a
gaggle of clowns who utilize their bodies to create chaos and
laughter in the borderlands to combat the dreadful seriousness
and straight lines of borders and their enforcers. Then, they
take their actions online to public culture spaces like YouTube,
engaging anti-immigrant vigilantes in an online dialog about
the politics of immigration, along with anyone else who wants
to join in the fun. What ensues is a networked performance
an empassioned, raucous dialog about contemporary politics
of migration, spurred on by the digitization of the bodies
of the clowns, vulnerable and silly, face to face with the
anti-immigration activists. See their videos and join in on the fun
here: http://circasd.org/clown-media.html

Or even better, join them in Montreal at Artivistic for the premiere
of their video The Circus of (Im)Migration and a rebel clowning

More about Artivistic 2007:

For the third edition of Artivistic, the expression [ un.occupied
spaces ] was chosen to stimulate new ideas in response to the hidden
confusions caused by the infinite networks of 21C globalization and
neo-liberalism. [ un.occupied spaces ] dares to link the charged
issues of environmentalism, indigenous and migrant struggles, and
urban practices together through the angle of occupation. In an
interconnected world, critical thought and action cannot but become
flexible and uncompromising at once. To think with occupation
consequently becomes a strategy for approaching these issues in a way
that will reveal their interdependence, and fuel creative and tactical
collaborative actions between ÃâÅco-artistsÃâ (artists and
non-artists). Built around three interrelated questions, the event
consists of roundtables, workshops, interventions, exhibitions,
performances, and screenings at our temporary headquarters at 5455 av.
de GaspÃÂ, #701 and in different venues and spaces of Montreal.


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