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Re: <nettime> International Competition: What Exactly is Terrorism? // blogging surveillance

Terrorism is the Word currently used to name concepts that justify the
existance of and the stranglehold by the kleptocracy (aka "state").

Looking for its meaning in the dictionary is silly and immature. It has been
elevated from the word stock by more or less pure chance - one has to be
retarded to even assume that the Word has anything to do with its common
meaning. Kleptocracy invests in the Word during the initiation phase, until
subjects respond satisfactorily, after which the Word is self-sustainable.

It's like infidel, the Jew, communism, barbarians and numerous other words that
were elevated to the Word in the past. WTF does it matter what it used to mean?
Is that going to change anything? 

The fact that few intellectuals, who were never expected to properly respond to
the Word anyway, keep pointing to its original word meaning, is genuinely
confusing authorities (why don't these educated people get it?) I think it's
lack of the basic understanding of how mental dictionaries work, and once a
word becomes the Word, it's original meaning is overwritten, updated, not with
another 'meaning' but with the attribute of the Word.

So what does then 'terrorism' mean, for dummies? It means that you will not
resist when you are asked to pay to fight it. It means that you will
spontaneously confess the guilt when accused of it. It means that, for at least
15 minutes after it being uttered, you will voluntarily suppress your cognitive
abilities. It means that you will automatically condemn anything labelled by
it, including yourself.

Does this clear the confusion?

> International Competition: What Exactly is Terrorism?
> The Federal Prosecution is after it. The Red-Green Coalition is trying
> to redefine it. The Federal Court has to evaluate it and our friends are
> to be charged because of it.

(of original message)

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