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Re: <nettime> Tintin in Bengal, or Musee Guimet Controversy


As you know, I was confused, too. Thanks for clearing it up.

It is absolutely astounding that the government in Dhaka should be 
sending those priceless treasures to a museum with such a record, but we 
are used to scandalous behavior from governments in our part of the 
world. France is different, or should be. One gets the sense that the 
emerging supranational entity called "Europe" is eager to project itself 
to the rest of the world as being liberal, civilised, and humane. If we, 
who belong to the periphery, are to believe this, France should rein in 
Guimet instead of helping it along in a criminally inept or simply 
criminal enterprise as you have described.

If the French want to see those artifacts - and I think that would be a 
good thing for Bangladesh - their government should take direct 
responsibility for the exhibits. It should catalog them properly, since 
the Dhaka museum people have clearly failed to do that, insure them 
adequately, and ensure their safe return after the display.

Tintin should grow up.


Naeem Mohaiemen wrote:

> Tintin in Bengal, or Musee Guimet Controversy
> Naeem Mohaiemen

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