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<nettime> Quick report on Environment 2.0 Workshop

Quick report on Environment 2.0 Workshop
1-2 November 2007

An Environment 2.0 workshop took place on 1-2 November with a diverse  
range of participants, including artists, technologists and  
environmental advocates. The workshop started with a Pecha Kucha  
session, and the focus was on meeting people, sharing ideas, forming  
new collaborations for potential projects. It followed on from the  
launch of Environment 2.0 at Futuresonic 2007 in Manchester, and was  
organised by Imagination at Lancaster, a new creative research lab at  
Lancaster University.

Plans are underway for a follow up meeting, and for projects.

If you are interested in taking part in future projects please drop  
me a line, stating your interests and what you can bring to a  
collaborative project.


Environment 2.0 Workshop
1-2 November 2007


Adrian Woolard
Alan Dix
Bron Szerszynski
Christian Nold
Drew Hemment
Gabriella Giannachi
Jessica Symons
John Urry
Kingsley Dennis
Maja Kuzmanovic
Mikel Maron
Monika Buscher
Paul Coulton
Paul Upham
Simon Lock
Steve Benford
Steve Connor

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