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Re: <nettime> The Algebra of Occupation

On 02/12/2007, Paul D. Miller <> wrote:

> There's a great scene in the film when the general in charge of the French
> counter insurgent forces is asked if he reads Sartre. He replies simply:
> "non."

I think the scene you have in mind is even closer than that to the
"Anthropologists on the Front Lines" story.  The general is talking to
a group of journalists:

General: ... in Indochina, they won.
Journalist: And here?
General: That depends on you.
Journalist: On us?  Do you intend to sign us up?
General: God forbid!  Just do your reporting, and do it well.  It's
not warriors we need.
Journalist: Then what?
General: A political will, which is sometimes there and sometimes
isn't.  Sometimes it's inadequate.  What were they saying in Paris
Journalist: Nothing.  Another article by Sartre.
General: Why are the Sartres always born on the same side?
Journalist: Then you like Sartre?
General: No, but I like him even less as a foe.

It looks as if the Pentagon has learnt that lesson pretty well.


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