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a little more info re global vote:

 Launch and search for members for

GlobalVote ( ) has been launched to contribute to the
debate on decision-making processes within major international
organizations such as the UN, the World Bank, and the International Monetary
Fund. This will be done by collecting the opinions of the international
online community, and by disseminating these polling results to
International Organizations, universities, the media, and national

Largely unrepresentative, major international organizations have had a
decisive impact on world policy over the past 60 years, but their
decisions are made in an exceedingly opaque way. By utilizing innovative,
transparent polling systems GlobalVote advocates for fairer representation,
and collects popular opinion on the most important decisions affecting
people around the globe.

Although global communication has been taking place nearly effortlessly for
over a decade, the opinions of the online global community have yet to be
collected in a systematic way. With developed and underdeveloped countries
struggling with democracy on every level of society, and with these
countries building their infrastructures more and more around the internet
and wireless communication, the future of democracy could very well develop
online. GlobalVote aims to be at the beginning of this exciting future.

If you want to be part of the future please go to and
become a member, if you have friends who are interested in global issues
please refer them to the website as well. Yesterday we have closed a
resolution on "Sanctions on Iran?" and the results of the vote can be seen
on the website, currently a resolution on the emergency state in Pakistan
has been posted, if you want to voice your opinion please "become member"
and leave a comment in the connected form and vote! As the initiative is in
the beginning also all comments and suggestions for improvements are welcome
and can be sent to Your cooperation and patience is
highly appreciated!

Let's vote !

On 01/12/2007, martin hardie <> wrote:

> a  colleague has sent me this below. I'm (and he) are interested to see what
> people think - what else could be done with it etc etc,


#+34 666519359 #

"I was just so relieved that the toxicity of this government had gone, this
dreadful vicious show which had been around for all these years, the active
disparaging of particular classes and groups.

"I felt like you know sometimes you see people at factories, they've been in
a plant that's got toxic stuff on them and they get hosed down later. I felt
on Saturday night like I'd been hosed down."

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