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Re: <nettime> Perhaps a way of teaching media

These sentiments of tutelage are still comprised of hegemonic, or otherwise
top-down authority. The prescence of rule-sets, although fully conscious of
their attempt as dispatching the foibles of American higher education, still
predicate a demand for structure. Instead ::

1. Forget your institution.

We, you, my archivist, the challenging administration that rule the
persistence of politics in education, have all become mutually implicated in
the margin-making process of "higher" institutions. And although they
promise enrichment and prowess, they do nothing more than recapitulate the
Great American Debt. Its true, our young great minds are striving to break
the ramifications of persuing expanded knowledge bases, but the lines
between the "school" and the "corporation" have shamefully lost their
definition, thus allowing for each to model the other.

To foster the potential of impressionable gray matter, such as my own and my
"peers," around the pastiche of popular culture is not disengaging from its
hypnosis. The promise of distributed knowledge only goes as far as the
classroom walls, thus feeding the informatics of domination, repopulating
the vectors of knowledge. Learning peer to peer, instructor to student, is
not an expanded knowledge base. Instead it is incestuous, insular, and
perpetuates the formation of margins.

In other words, Brown is a product (although it is not the only one), in
which its goods are a heightened fear of failure, bombardment of confusion
(displacing many American graduates in a type of labor-less mire of office
work and information mongering), and reinforcement of academic superiority
over members of the middle and lower-class. A product, indeed, one that we
strive for; one of legitimation; one that bolsters the small sense of pride
that we have left; one that I wish i could contain.

Self-referentiality. Noise. Pity-parties. An Unconvincing hypothesis. Over
generalizations. Defensiveness. Buzz-words. Nonsense. Other ragingly
hypocritical critiques.

With more respect than you know.

On Dec 13, 2007 1:11 PM, Alan Sondheim <> wrote:

> Perhaps a way of teaching media


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