Arthur Clay on Sun, 16 Dec 2007 16:40:41 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Perhaps a way of teaching media


The approach here regarding Media Art Education is something most
students do after they finish with their education. Being one of
those artists who skipped the whole endless chase after degrees,
I can only state that there are also negative consequences of
not having the old "sheep skin". Everything is basically a self taught
situation. A teacher can guide students, but not learn for them.

teaching the last 5 years in various art schools in Europe, a certain
understanding of the politics of the schools and grant office is
rather important. Otherwise survival is not possible.
The dean's new car and the other percs of
holding such positions start becoming reasonable, when one
takes a look how schools obtain the funding they need to exist.
Student tuition is clear only 1000 Euro in most schools per Semester,
but even if it was 40K per year, I am not sure it covers the costs
of the school . So, perhaps the most important aspect that is not
to be forgotten is that everything brought in the below program
will also cost and that an art school may be an unneeded venture
for learning to be artist, it is rather a  good network to function
is an artists.

The last question remains: is Prof. Bleeker is
sawing off the branch he is sitting on  in that what he is
proposing is a DIY education for the arts.

Arthur Clay

> Year 1 — Circulate. Attend the international new media arts/music/
> video festivals, workshops, year-end shows throughout the year. I
> figure you can be at one of these at least every 6-8 weeks. In between
> a rigorous curriculum of readings across the canon of art history,
> media history, anthropology, technical documentation, design journals
> and fictions. Along the way, studio visits and informal cafe
> conversations with distributed faculty.

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