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Re: <nettime> Internalisation @ Google

I am reading this with some interest...I worked at Oracle headquarters 
in the late nineties. The Googleplex is not unique to Google, nor is it 
new. We had the same thing at Oracle: dry cleaners, carwashes, 
grocery/dinner pickups, spa, etc and even a grand piano in one of the 
dining rooms. At that time, people expected that as part of the 
"benefit" of employment at large corps. We also knew it was a way to 
keep you from going home. Everybody knew that. This is news at Google 

I am not understanding what is so special about it. It is what what 
corporate fiefdoms do for their retainers.

More interesting to me would be a discussion of how these little 
corporate Burgundies have supplanted the nation state while nobody was 


Naeem Mohaiemen wrote:

> Expanding on Patrice Riemens' comments about Google &
> "internalization", dualism, socialism for the rich, etc, here is a
> relevant excerpt from The Economist's Aug 30th cover story "Who's
> Afraid of Google" [Sidebar article: "Inside the Googleplex"]-->

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