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<nettime> Proclamation of Emergency and CPO in United States

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Proclamation of Emergency and CPO in United States

November 3, 2007

Chief of Staff US Army, General George Tracy today issued a proclamation
declaring Emergency,  suspending the  1787 US Constitution, dismissing all
judges of the superior courts,  placing Supreme Court Chief Justice John H
Roberts.  under house arrest, placing a ban on media, and taking away
fundamental human rights of all US citizens.  He also arrested the
President of the American Bar Association William Lukenorm and four   other
prominent attorneys and sent them to the Guantanamo Bay's Detention Camp
X-Ray.   He issued executive orders that despite being a  serving military
General, he is eligible to contest elections for the post of the President
of USA .  He then went to the outgoing US Congress and asked them to give
him a vote of confidence, if they know what is good for them.  He then
declared himself the President of USA for next five years. In order to
ensure continuity of justice , he reduced the age of judges and picked up
sixty odd youngsters , who were duly   bribed or coerced to take oath under
the new rules  made by the Chief of the Army Staff.  These rules are called
CPO or Chief's Personal Orders, and these judges referred to as CPO judges.

Many  countries of the world have indicated   grave concern over the new
developments in USA and expressed hope that General Tracy would soon have
the country back on the path of democracy.

December 15, 2005

General George Tracy  today removed the state of emergency, lifted CPO and
restored the US constitution.  However before its restoration, the
following changes were made to the constitution.

Actions of declaring the emergency  and proclamation of CPO were legal
orders and can neither be challenged nor require a ratification by the
Congress.  Actions of sacking all judges and putting them under house
were legal orders and  can neither be challenged nor require a ratification
by the  Congress.  The new judges who took oath under the Chief's Personal
Orders (CPO) are the legal judges of USA and this action can neither be
challenged nor requires a ratification by the next Congress.  A serving
military General who has taken oath not to take part in politics and to
uphold the constitution can now violate, suspend or amend the constitution
in what ever manner he feels like  and   these actions can neither be
challenged nor require a ratification by the Congress.

Many countries of the world have expressed great satisfaction at the
restoration of constitution in USA and have expressed hope that the country
would soon be back on the path of full democracy.

Meanwhile Leaders of Democratic and Republican parties have assured
General Tracy of their full support and complete participation in the
next general elections scheduled to be held on January 8, 2008.

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