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Re: <nettime> Critique of the "Semantic Web"

internet killed the video arts*
with radio it was the sound waves, a long line broadcast, picture
lines of light radiating from a centre, almost religious
then tv and video, still the radix, root, but it's not "in the air",
ethereal, but root2root, if the radio was leafs in the wind then tv is
a tree where every leaf is a miniature tree. but it stops there, you
hardly see tv sets inside tv sets. video killed the radio star,
performing live trevor horn was only seen via the camera monitor,
entities that don't have shadows. if it continued maybe it would kill
itself (how could it continue if it killed itself?). shadows that
don't have entity. the mind is more or less an internalized tv set.
internet, problems with semantic web, animals belonging to the
emperor, animals that from a great distance look like flies.
representation of dimensions xyzetera. in art all is flat. the
flatlands, slowly a sphere intersects the livingroom. as dimensional
representation increase, point, line, surface, room, history,
possibly. dimensions don't apply maybe the image that exploded. or the
fishing net. video arts aquarium. start/stop visualization.
things going on...
an organ without a sound system (the body can not be proved, or if
it's proved it's not sound).
the ghost noh play: Note the spirit's uncertainty as to his own
success in appearing. The priest wonders if he really saw anything.
The spirit affirms that "The body was there if you saw it."

the body was there if you saw it
this might take some time
if you can see how this relates
does it have dimensions? layers? seen from a distance they look like
undefined Arrays of generations
mindless taxonomy as long as you don't attach to it
rebus from things
space might take some time to create (finally time killed space and we
thought they were friends)
here space is created by time(generation) random walks but their(the
walks) interference is filling up the space again, creating
entities/words, like homunculus from sweat, or miniature trees on
every leaf of trees on every leaf of
i once eye heard a sound, once sawed unimage
moonospace, without gravitation, asif matter didn't matter, antimatrix
random walks in the flatlands(image) arts are executed

*video arts refers to representation, caged animals, shaggy dogs,
things expressed in this reference.

2007/12/18, Florian Cramer <>:

> [This is a lecture manuscript written for the "Quaero Forum" on the
> politics and culture of search engines at Jan van Eyck Academy
> Maastricht, 9/2007 - it's still a bit rough; thanks to Felix Stalder for
> useful corrections and his suggestion to post it here. -F]

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