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Re: <nettime> Critique of the "Semantic Web"

There is a sleigh of hand here that seem to be missed: use of page creator
cooperation via tagging means allowing lying.

Looking for "kids", "children", "shoes" or "education" will get you to a porn
or mortgage site. Then you have to use page rank - basically, using linkers to
filter out spam, and your tagging becomes meaningless. 

Google and other search engines went through significant pains to ignore false
tagging through meta structures, correctly recognising that users want to
search for what is on the page, not what page creator thinks is on the page. So
now liars have to actually incude false keywords to be visible on the page,
making it obvious  to everyone that they are liars. But bona fide pages will
most likely have those "tags" as a part of page content, so explicit tagging
is, again, a moot point.

What is the incremental value of tagging for search engines then? EUR 13.7M.

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