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Re: <nettime> The Irreducibly Complex Web Semantics of the diffuse Nettime org

Perhaps a collaborative network of slide projectors, persistently linked and

I just took time to read (too quickly) Florian's piece and the thread of
responses that followed, and I was surprised that no one mentioned David
Weinberger's _Everything is Miscellaneous_ - if you don't have time to read
the book, see the movie. (

Another good reference: Clay Shirky's "Ontology is Overrated" (

My understanding of semantic web differs from Florian's - I think it's less
about categorization and more about standard processes for parsing data to
support effective knowedge sharing and discovery.  Ontology in this context
is web ontology relevant to those processes, and not some attempt to define
a global cultural ontology, which would actually be antithetical to
evolution so well articulated in Weinberger's book.

~ Jon

On Dec 21, 2007 3:24 PM, Bruce Sterling <> wrote:

> "Nettime" is a good example because even in the case of the Nettime
> we're referring to here, the categorization "MailingList" is by no means
> uncontroversial. Nettime has also be called a "collaborative filter",
> and it has not only involved the mailing list, but also meetings,
> printed readers or, in the case of a work by Pit Schultz from 1997, an
> experimental slide projector screening in a Berlin techno club."

Jon Lebkowsky
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