Matze Schmidt on Fri, 28 Dec 2007 02:34:50 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> News about Berlin terrorism case: terrorism cancelled - last three detainees set free on bail

> It seems to hold particularly true for Germany, but maybe only because that
> country witnessed three radical changes in state-systems in less than three
> generations: from nazism to communism to, err, democracy.

to equal nazism (german fashism) to stalinistic socialism called
communism appears to be a pretty un-historical approach to what happened
and what is happening in germany. there is still a differance between
german fashism's goal of total annihilation and the regime of stalin and
his followers.

the current situation in (super)short: the rate of profit for german
capital seems to go down, it needs rooms and markets for investments.
§ 129a etc. is just the surface, protesters are believing in the state
and its laws (esp. grundgesetz, federal constitution).
the government and authorities of the frg are preparing (more and
bigger) global wars and hegemony over the eu.

just watch tv, the german stations do straight talking.
here's a keyword report of a newscast of the zdf (zweites deutsches
fernsehen, german tv second channel) on dec. 23, 2007 21:45 h:

report about german soldiers in kabul (afghanistan), their x-mas and
mails from home (a school class from bavaria wrote cards)

report about the unsatisfactory bargains of german retailers in december

report about the unites states and their undemocratic attitude
concerning world wide databases of the fbi

report of a successfull german police investigation because of video

there was a report about the shrinking christian community in jerusalem


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