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<nettime> Open Documentary Contest: Call for Submissions

                      SELF Open Documentary Contest
                   Education for a free information society
                          1 january - 31 may 2008


The SELF Project is pleased to announce The SELF Open Documentary
Contest. Create a documentary about the creation of free knowledge and
education in the digital era! Get your friends together, encourage
your company to participate, or just let your own creativity flow

SELF (http://www.selfproject.eu) is an international project financed
by the European Commission which has developed a platform to encourage
creative cooperation and the sharing of educational materials and
continuous training, paying special attention to free software and
open standards. Inspired by the Wikipedia model, the SELF Platform is
open to the contributions of all those who would like to bring their
knowledge to it, and share this knowledge without restrictions.

We invite you to participate in our work by actively engaging in the
SELF Open Documentary Contest. The documentaries will be screened at
the Free Knowledge, Free Technology (FKFT) conference in Barcelona,
taking place the 15th-17th July 2008 and the best documentaries
selected by an active jury will be presented at an award ceremony
during the conference.

     * The documentary should interpret the creation of free knowledge
       and education in the digital era and relate that to the SELF
       Project and Platform.
     * Maximum length of a documentary is 5 minutes.
     * Language should be English, or English subtitles should be
     * Submission should be done in Ogg Theora format, or sent by
       DVD to the jury.
     * The documentary must be licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA
       or the Free Art License.
     * Deadline is the 31st of may 2008.

You can find more information about the SELF Project and the contest
on the contest website, where you will also find some useful background
information, the exact guidelines and evaluation process as well as
the submission procedures!


             Welcome to the SELF Open Documentary Contest!

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