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<nettime> interview with Erhan Muratoglu

Amsterdam's Balie is currently hosting a year long series of monthly
seminars The Global Crystal Ball in which distinguished speakers
reflect on the current phase of globalisation as emerging economies
begin to make European and American dominance a thing of the past.
Visual Foreign Correspondents is a related project in which each month
an artist from different regions reflect on themes that resonate with
the discussion.

In response to this month's discussion on "what the rising powers
want." Erhan Muratoglu (an interactive artist and part of an exciting
network of artists working in Istanbul associated with the Nomad
group and Kuda design has produced a a short
animation, almost haiku in its brevity, whose stylized 3D aesthetic
resemble the computer game Grand Theft Auto. This micro narrative
paints a bleak picture of a city without people only cars in which
the physical infrastructure of the street itself rises up in protest
against upending a car that has been wrongly parked on the pavement
and setting off the alarm.

The work can be found at Below is
an extract from an interview with the artist. which can be found in
full on the website

Petra Heck

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