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<nettime> Talking about strategies of fear

Talking about strategies of fear

I talked to xname (who is this week blogging the Transmediale 08 in
Berlin) already in Deember during the 24c3.

Our conversation touched questions such as who or what the 'war on
terror' is really aiming at (in Germany) and how it is used to create
more fear in order to create public acceptance of more control. We
talked about the history of anti-terror legislation in Germany,
whether control actually makes sense from the point of view of those
who exercise it - can all the data be evaluated or does full-scale
surveillance rather create chaos? What sense does it make?

What possible strategies are there against being controlled by fear
and what can blogging do for you? We also talked about some details
of the case against Andrej - why was he made a terrorist by the
police and what role did 'conspiratorial behaviour' play in the
investigations. Rather than panicking and thinking that now anyone
will be made a terrorist - at random, so to say - it's important to
realise who is being targeted to understand what is going on. And
finally we touched privacy and why it should be protected, precisely
because some people are subjected to police action because of it.

Download 9 min

Andrej and I will be discussing some of these issues next Sunday at the
Transmediale (4pm Berlin time), unfortunately there was no budget left
for a translation into English and so it'll be in German.

Transmediale 08 is being streamed and has IRC:


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