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Re: <nettime> The Ideology of Free Culture and the Grammar of Sabotage

It is true that buzzwords themselves do not guarantee content-free texts. What
are buzzwords anyway? They are indices into dictionary entries available only
to those "in" the field. Often these entries do not bring any semantic value,
after all only so many new concepts are invented every year, with buzzword
production outnumbering the real demand by many orders of magnitude. Their only
use is to certify that you've been there. Like bumper stickers (I wonder if
authors of these texts are also in bumper stickers?)

So filtering would have to be done in the same way e-mail spam filtering is
done today: correlation from a large number of sources; blacklisting; and only
then keywords ("post marxism" instead of "viagra"). It's a hard problem, and my
feeble word-pair frequency attempt cannot solve it. For example, what follows
here is a permutation of the original text with the same word-pair fingerprint.
Does it have more, less or the same content as the original? (It definitely is
more original :-)

== start ==

Against the digital culture in our wallet

A closer Bataille is vast but also the same excess, of digitalism.
What I call this sense Creative commons do not a large torrents of a
religious sect it is not produced: by the asymmetrical arrow this text
tries to others command: surplus value or a market in as the ghost of
each generate and complicity of autonomous commons, economy and can be
built and especially from the crisis European media discourse, Bataille
himself considered a new theory of your work behind and the dot com
bubble exploited a dynamic space of the amphibious nature of the market
of its commons.

        Part of material energy.

        In cognitive economy each other; do this text tries to
        remind the others command: flows.  The line of
        sabotage same old Fordism.

        Benkler take for producers or more interesting than a
        specific living Energy do not binary but it, is
        immaterial, rent end the compensation system of there is
        not help to deal harvest or simply an universal
        political arena in detail; economical flows a
        parasite.  Yet between immaterial surplus; of the
        material and its parasites: the production.

        On the latter commons only in Berlin based never the music.

        The very foundation of code.  Profit.  The owners of
        fulfilling the owning class is it help to be compensated:
        survives in mind?

        Today activists are many of the flat paradigm is percent
        secure and Adwords.  Today both copyright there is
        referred to others command.  Reading authors like, a
        furious but on time to a sublimation of the other like
        tree branches and digital dream: eating at the
        copyright regime and material process of sabotage
        against the displaced multitudes to design the hegemony
        of organisation: of server, a music the Commons Free to
        the parasite.  Rent, real commons grey sides.

        But constantly tries to include new forms of cooperation
        do not only passive and may provide his perspective is
        defined by the commons commercial use for other;
        Creative commons licenses are starting point of
        surplus.  Under a chain of the means of information,
        quite a more frank question for the ghost of the
        classical theory forms of hardware, the digital
        watermark once the material infrastructure Culture
        gathers all those who are simply co immaterial and
        Lessig, a Google seems to have a film maker (you are
        exploited by a knowledge free space symmetry of
        material vectors).

        Copyright, there is shared of technological
        substratum.  Economically digitalism is to traditional
        forms of multitude of autonomous and immaterial
        parasite metropolis real common stock exchange value is
        a mutual Gift economy and crucial for no
        acknowledgement of agenda society and physically
        consumed by Negri and virtuous space time to Judaism,
        Christianity, Pythagoreans and infrastructure in
        digitalism seems to The more rich in production.  The
        first Hackers Conference in network.  Google provides
        the classical theory of organisation of copyfarleft a
        contemporary economy and Vercellone make finally, the
        positive gesture of freeculturalism is the immaterial
        plane, and those who are paid alternative and the
        friction between magic and more competition.

        Rullani's the do networks; the Commons against the means of
        excess of natural energies; contradictions of commercial use
        supported by some CC and complicity of the compensation without
        a stronger, but simply an apology of flows: a commons allow not
        be paid in are simply it is consequently constantly tries to
        sell more on: time as patents, copyrights to reproduce, the
        Commons as the a fetishism of energy.  There is a subordinate
        the sharing but provides in the gentrification of the relation
        between the composition hyper celebrated by a new nickname,
        they are immaterial despite the commons as Marx spotlighted
        commodity value, that CC initiative to sell more on surplus in
        A contemporary media Culture conceived the friction between
        immaterial parasite functions first before the case of the
        Commons allow not starting point of the internet is one of
        excess, of intellectual property financial value, only virtually
        free culture software engineer or more generally the A
        genealogy of workers or exchange of workers ownership of
        copyright commodity fetishism has become molecular the old

As the commons, among the specular to describe his the three forces is
fragile and afterwards our tools and economical flows is split into
networks and slowing down of a pure symmetry of diffusion a rent (can
also The capital a diverse therapeutic doubt remains for those who are
many items of information)?

Only to dense parasitic economy has been described. The wealth of online
social production may provide the parasite parasites has to reproduce,
have to create use of knowledge based on surplus?  In a generic
digital copies.  At the radical understanding of this single arrow,
this the celebration of organisation of Free Software movement are in
different rules for the institution of capital.

The commons.  For Rullani is not exploit wage labour appears Like in
production.  There is regime and immaterial parasite: belongs to the name
say that an autonomous and cooperation the parasitic income an
effective way.  The link of cognitive capitalism proprietary the
copyright earnings.  Third, a furtive tactical declassing
declassement, of surplus?  Bataille described Society and cooperation
and economical flows; is produced on the Free.  What is focused more
competition should be marked, with users and drastic analysis; school
of the decline of Kevin Kelly's digitalist media culture Literature on
Second the passage of the whole of surplus in authorized sharing but do
digital transmission would be the Autonomist Marxism has to the
dystopian version of signs and freedom Vercellone a social

Against the digital culture in our wallet.  What kind of rent of
political dreams, the working are creative Commons, based immaterial
parasite Michel Serres catches the immaterial spaces of the arrow this
is a as it runs.  Less fictional world building a new toolbox tax.
Technological and not be established around a much Software, and the
latest manifestation of workers copyright there is fragile and
digitalised in other autonomisation of freeculturalism.

It was the immaterial value and tends production and another for
entrepreneurial freedom to any kind of the wealth of technology in this
model to make a growing criticism.  Third, a strong blog, a license a
pure symmetry of capitalism instead of any revolutionary potential it
yourself is more interesting than On the new projects and other
examples of any form of Logos, this is easier, as the form of a
question rises; relation between intellectual labour the world a larger
specific model of the cognitive workforce, capitalism; products are
alternative and self organisation of a market of the immaterial
parasite has been replaced by Stewart Brand, information networks and

== end  ==

--- ruth weismann <> wrote:

> the idea of a dictionary of "standardized inter-bred vernacular" is
> very interesting! Just in general, concerning theory, I also quite
> sometimes have the feeling that certain expressions are just used but
> don?t mean anything at all. This is an interesting phenonmena that
> should be examined closer

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