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<nettime> ASIACOMMONS: A find: some interesting links from the Philippines...

* Philippine Commons

* CC Newsletter #5 (Philippines)

* Introducing Lisa Diy :: a judge and singer

* Bayanihan Books
  Libro para sa bawat batang Pilipino

  all about life, law, politics and cyberspace
  The author is the Legal Project Lead of Creative
  Commons - Philippines and is working on the
  project with the e-Law Center (where he serves
  as Executive Director) of the Arellano University
  School of Law. This page is about Creative
  Commons and the activities of
  Creative Commons Philippines.

* CC-PH mailing list, click:

* Draft license - Creative Commons Philippines

* CC-Philippines 2005 Report to the 1st Creative Commons Global Summit

* CC-Philippines 2006 Report to the 2nd Creative Commons Global Summit

* Legal Commons: The LawPhil Program
  This work is licensed under a
  Creative Commons License
  Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Philippines License

* OpenContent

[ is the most comprehensive and most
technologically-advanced digital library and research portal on
Philippine studies. Among's special features is a
fully-indexed collection of books, documents and other artifacts
on Philippine history, culture, and society. Its advanced search
facility helps narrow down topics and keywords to help researchers
find the results they need faster.It has also introduced SKOOL Tools,
a revolutionary web application that provides registered users of
the digital library with a range of free, easy-to-use online tools
that make writing reports possible without having to leave the site.
SKOOL Tools boasts of a set of searching, organizing, note-taking,
and writing tools that enable users, particularly students, to create
reports, drag-and-drop snippets from any book or document in the
digital library, write and insert additional notes, and create instant
citations and bibliographies. In addition, boasts
of an especially-developed Content Management System, an internal
facility that allows authorized personnel to contribute, edit, tag,
annotate, catalog, and publish artifacts directly to the site. It
also allows the publishing manager to assign tasks as well as monitor
work progress and employee performance.'s team of
web development consultants include Danny C. Cheng, Solomon See, and
Jose Lloyd Espiritu, all of whom are affiliated with the De La Salle

* Philippine Encyclopedia
  The biggest collaborative writing project in the Philippines.
  49,183 articles in English and counting...

* Tuloy kayo sa WikiFilipino!
  1,664 artikulo sa Filipino at dumarami....

* Others yet to be activated

* Philippines introduces locally ported Creative Commons licenses
  Michelle Thorne, December 14th, 2007
  Press Kit

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