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<nettime> Serial Consign Design/Research Blog - Recent Posts of Interest

Hello Nettime,

I'm a first time caller, long time listener of this great
tech/arts/politics resource. Inspired by a recent Marc Garrett post
summarizing some recent Furtherfield content I thought I'd introduce
myself and my blog Serial Consign to the nettime community. A lot of
the material I write about falls squarely in line with the calls and
discourse distributed through nettime.

Serial Consign is a blog which addresses design, representation and
broader digital culture. It is authored solely by me, but I try to get
out there and get other people to talk about their work and process
as much as possible. Specific areas of focus include datasthetics,
digital representation of space and network culture. Some posts which
really capture the essence of my online writing project:

Ways of Seeing Digital Space - A post exploring the connections
between architectural representation and the "game space" of recent
progressive gaming titles such as Portal, Echochrome and The Night
Journey -

Paper Space: An introduction - A synopsis of some of my architectural
thesis research from 2007 on the collision of database culture and the
newspaper industry. With discussion the graphic design & layout of the
newspaper as a medium and some discussion about the work of Adrian
Holovaty -

Large-Conversations - A discussion about some new web
services/projects that facilitate intertextual conversations. This
post has brief write ups on the RSS reader, John Ippoplito
and Craig Dietrich's ThoughtMesh project and some commentary
on Noah Wardrip-Fruin's current peer review for "Expressive
Processing" which is being facilitated through Grand Text Auto -

I also have a fairly diverse archive of interviews including
discussions with McKenzie Wark (
) and a recent conversation with Kate Armstrong ( ). Additional interview subjects
have included Burak Arikan, Eduardo Navas, Catalogtree, Sebastian
Meissner and Jan Jelinek amongst others.

Please swing by for a visit via - or dial up
my RSS feed at

I should also mention that I'm quite open to links and suggestions
for content via this address, - I am very
interested in establishing ongoing collaborations with artists and
writers with an explicit interest in digital and informational space.


greg j. smith - design / research blog - digital arts quarterly - twitter

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