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<nettime> Hidden Histories - HiveNetorks and Armin Medosch unveil street radio in Southampton - March 14, 2008


From: March 17th Southampton, UK

Launch event:
Friday 14th of March, 11am - open ended, Fountain Cafe, Southampton 
Civic Centre Gallery Cafe.

The Solent Centre for Architecture + Design, in partnership with London 
based media art innovators Hive Networks and artist Armin Medosch, have 
been working with Southampton City Council’s Oral History Unit on Hidden 
Histories, a unique project that turns the city itself into a giant 
outdoor gallery.

Hidden Histories makes accessible some of the highs and lows of 
Southampton's 20th Century history, the glory of great ships and 
journeys as well as the disasters and long forgotten tales.

Hidden Histories will uncover those treasures through a revolutionary 
new concept of Street Radio.
This is a totally new way of experiencing the city. The system utilises 
wireless communication technologies such as WIFI and Bluetooth in 
combination with FM radio to create a public interface to the city’s 
heritage. A selection of stories from the Oral History Unit will be 
broadcast from 10 nodal points linked together to form a media rich walk 
that transports people through the changing life of the city. Following 
the success of the pilot scheme it is hoped that the project can be 
extended further not only in Southampton but to other towns and cities 
as well.

The walk begins in and around the proposed ‘Cultural Quarter’ on Above 
Bar Street and the Civic Centre complex. You can experience the walk 24 
hours a day, 7 days a week through any FM radio receiver or mobile phone 
with radio capacity.


Route maps and radio units can be hired from Southampton’s Tourist 
Information Centre from Monday 17th March. A limited number of or radios 
will be available for borrowing. Please bring a portable radio or an FM 
enabled mobile phone.


More information can be found at

Read more research notes by Armin Medosch :

Find out more about HiveNetworks

Press contact: Rosie Danby 023 8028 3053

The Solent Centre for Architecture and Design, 30a High Street, 
Lyndhurst Hampshire SO43 7BG

Hidden Histories is funded through an investment made by Southampton 
Partnership, using SEEDA funding.

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