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Re: <nettime> Weizenbaum at the Digital Art Weeks 07

Hey Art!

>To conclude, we can clearly see that computer technology not only has
>become an important part of our general culture, but stands as living
>proof that art can be coded and that this code is a compassionate
>undertaking that spans bridges not only between artists to form a
>group, but also spans science and art to form a cultural movement in
>which differences between the two are ever diminishing.

Are you claiming that art somehow manages to completely avoid the
"more, more, more" problematic? Please describe how digital art
(and the accompanying computer technologies) does this, while at
the same time being completely dependent on the same techno-social
system that brings us SUVs? Seems more like a poetic illusion than
any real reflection of the actualities. Hey it's okay to have those
illusions, but please take a closer look at the actualities, and what
exactly is the best practice to come into a meaningful encounter
with another human being. If you insist on computer technology as an
important element in that best practice, then you need to be ready to
be 'merely' a participant in that larger techno-social infrastructure
that brings you the digital device AND be at least partly responsible
for ALL its distributed affects. This is a non-trivial and very real


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