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<nettime> EUROMAYDAY 008 in Aachen/Aquisgranum (near Koeln/Cologne)

Multitudo Precaria Europae vs Imperium Karoli Magni Aquisgrani;)  help
us bring lots of people there for mayday!

(please spread around)
MAYDAY, MAYDAY! Emergency Call from Aachen/Aix-la-Chapelle/Aquisgranum

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Info Updates: (deutsch, fran??ais, english)

On the First of May in Aachen/ Aken/ Aix-la-Chapelle/ Aquisgrana/
Aquisgr??n / Akwizgran/ Ah??n, ancient caroligian city, Nicolas Sarkozy
will present Angela Merkel with the EU Oscar, the Prix Charlemagne.
Irony of the calendar, syndicalist MayDay this year coincides with
catholic Ascension Day, when the Eurocracy Awards are traditionally handed out.

The duo congratulates itself for having finally shielded the EU from
the social demands of the people, who scream for an end to free-market
theology in europe. The new european diarchy is turning the continent
into a police state and would be happy to erase the heretic meaning of
MayDay, and the Anarchist and Socialist traditions of europe along
with it.

This year for MayDay, two worlds clash together: the global movement
vs strong-armed governments; grassroots networks and squatted social
centers vs EU power; Utopian Society vs Capitalist Market; the radical
europe of multitudes vs the conservative Europe of ??lites.

We are gonna spoil the party of the powerful, by raising hell in
Aachen and holding our own party: the EuroMayDay Parade, the
transeuropean demonstration of all precarious and migrants against
workfare, discrimination and border controls held in more than twenty

We, the EuroMayDay Network cannot accept that MayDay is turned into
the Ascension Day into stardom of the two failing sovereigns of
Christian, NATO Europe. We reject Charlemagne as symbol of Europe,
just as we denounce the neoliberalism of the Barroso Commission and
the monetarism of Trichet's Central Bank.

Forced to live in precarious hell, we're going to trash the heaven of
EU ??lites. Don't miss it: shame the twin rulers of Europe, expose
their authoritarian arrogance, join the thousands coming to Aachen
(close to Cologne) for the strongest protest against the core of
europower ever mounted. Show Angie and Sarko what the European
movement against neoliberalism and militarism is capable of. Come to
the special EuroMayDay Protest+Parade+Party that collectives in
Aachen, Li??ge, Maastricht, and other cities of the region are
organizing. Facilities, accommodation and food will be provided to
protesters in Aachen in the days immediately before and after the
First of May.

Activists, artists, hackers, unionists, migrant associations, queer
collectives, critical cyclists, media creatives, leftist radicals of
all stripes ??? red, black, green, pink, purple, silver ??? are coming to
Aachen and other EuroMayDay Parades to join the fight.

First of May in Aachen:
morning: EuroMayDay PROTESTS nearby Rathaus where Karlspreis is given
to Merkel by Sarkozy
afternoon: EuroMayDay PARADE starts nearby site of protest
evening: MayDay PARTY in public park

No Borders, No Workfare, No Precarity.
Join Us also in the MayDay Parades in Berlin, Copenhagen, Hamburg,
Lisbon, Milano, Malaga, Maribor, Tokyo, and many other cities!

fighting precarity and inequality since 2004

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