Juergen Fenn on Sun, 16 Mar 2008 04:21:44 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> computer critic Joseph Weizenbaum died, age 85

Geert Lovink schrieb:

> (In the fall of 2007 an old friend of mine, the Amsterdam-based 
> journalist-artist Ine Poppe decided to hop on the train and go to 
> Berlin to visit Joseph Weizenbaum. She did an interview with him and 
> came back with lots of interesting stories. It was around the same time 
> that I read the interview book , made by Gunna Wendt, in German. I 
> wrote about it in a nettime posting called the Society of the Query. 
> Ine gave me a document, in German called Was ich am Ende meines Lebens > glaube, 1 DIN A4 with 14 theses on it. It's hanging above my desk, in 
> front of me. "5) Not all aspect of life are computable." The same can 
> be said about Weizenbaum's life. /geert)

I just would like to point out that what is said to have been Joseph 
Weizenbaum's last interview was with the German-language culture radio 
"hr2 kultur": 

It can be heard online at 


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