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<nettime> Nano-Virtual-Sit-In Extended! Please spread the word!

//please forward and help grow the SWARM!///

Join the action and learn more at http://bang.calit2.net/5yearsofwar/

We are extending the action to coincide with calls to "On M20 Shut it
Down" from Unconventional Action Chicago and March on M21 from SDS.

More info at:


Here is the original call to nano-virtual-action:

This Nano-Virtual-Sit-In is being performed on the 5th anniversary of the
war on Iraq. We have chosen biotech and nanotech corporations and
organizations as our targets, because their science is driven by the war
and drives the war.

While Monsanto's weapons drop on the people of Colombia, order 81 in Iraq
guarantees their market there. Dupont is developing soldier
nanotechnologies. The Biotech Industry Organization thought they could
meet in San Diego without the massive protests that follow them, but they
were wrong. For more info on your local Nanotech corporations, see this

The Electronic Disturbance Theater and the borderlands Hacklab call for a
virtual strike against these war profiteers on March 19th, 2008, in
solidarity with the Bay Area Direct Action to Stop the War and actions in
the street around the world.

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