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<nettime> [Fwd: [aseac] breaking news - indonesian goverment blocked youtube and some websites]

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Subject: [aseac] breaking news - indonesian goverment blocked youtube and some websites
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2008 09:47:47 -0700 (PDT)
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Deer all,

just a little break news since two days a go, Indonesian government
by the departement of communication and infromation (depkominfo) .
started to give an ultimatum to all internet service provider(ISP) in
indonesia, to block all domain that contains downloadable material,
link about film FITNA. start from youtube, then myspace, multiply, and
i dont know yet what else. at least from Speedy (belongs to Telkom -
owned by the state) those web already blocked .

it will not stop there, because there is a possibility that the
government will block Google domain, and for this you can imagine
what will happen next. it could be block all kind of blog web based
(blogspot, wordpress, and so on), because now they just legitimate
a policy that could banned every blog that assumed giving bad
information or

well, it's breakable. some hackers (even amateur one) can break the
blockade through the proxy whatsoever (i dont really understand those
things). but for common user like me or you), its a pain in the ass.

anyway, it's a move backward. this is only proving how idiocracy from
indonesian government to manage the state. i feel sorry and ashemd
fro this. if you know how burma government shutdown the internet
connection to prevent "leak of information" about the genocide, what
happen now in indonesia isn't too far from that.

i dont know how to say about how idiot these poeple.

if you want to know more about this info, please go these
links (sorry, it is in bahasa indonesia - just in case)

sorry if this email bother you. this is not a spam. thank you for your


Dimas Jayasrana

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