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<nettime> Next Nature in Los Angeles

We are living in a time in which the 'made' and the 'born' are  
fusing. Hypoallergenic cats are already on the market. Plants are  
used as sensors, information displays and chemical factories. Animals  
are being augmented and branded. Young girls are provided with  
hypernatural vaginas, modeled after the photoshopped vaginas seen in  
Playboy magazine. In response to donor organ shortages, researchers  
are working on a 3D organ printer. Real nature is not green. It is  
out of control. Games have become jobs. Second life is not  
sustainable. Digital world metaphors are boomerang into our physical  
environment. Everyday robots give massages and take care of the  
children. RFID chips open doors, they might be infected, but  
nonetheless are edible.

The extent to which new technologies are intervening in the  
constructive, material, aesthetic and social practice of everyday  
life can hardly be underestimated. Highways, airports and  
supermarkets are part of our natural environment. Our established  
image of nature needs to be updated.

Next Nature; the nature caused by human culture. Nowadays, children  
know more corporate logo's and brands than bird or tree species. Our  
technological world has become so complex and uncontrollable it has  
become a nature of its own. Wild systems, genetic surprises,  
autonomous machinery and beautiful black flowers. Nature changes  
along with us.

The Biggest Visual Power Show on Next Nature is an intellectual show  
between a conference and a pop concert. From movies to live  
performance. From physical experience to virtual imagination.

Contributions by: Manuel Castells, Kevin Kelly, Rob Schr?der, Michiko  
Nitta, Tinkebell, Susana Soares, David Kremers, Rene Daalder/Folkert  
Gorter, Floris Kaayk, Julian Bleecker, Erik Davis, Peter Lunenfeld,  
Hendrik-Jan Grievink, Judith de Leeuw, Luna Maurer/Roel Wouters,  
Arnoud van den Heuvel, Rolf Coppens, Christian Bramsiepe, Helena  
Muskens, Quirine Racke and more...


Next Nature 2008

Saturday MAY 17 | 8:00 pm ? 10:00 pm
307 South Broadway, CA 90013 Los Angeles

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