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Re: <nettime> TBT [Time Based Text]: an experiment(al) (in) writing

Dear Annet and JoDI&Jaromil,

Interesting direction taken and goes well inline with
what Aleksandar Erkalovic ACO (http://www.binarni.net/)
and me (http://bio.zeljko.blace.name/) produced
http://positive.QUBE-Mag.info/ back in late November for World
AIDS Day (for QUBE Mag). A kind of non-interactive & non-hypertext
anti-splash page, featuring informal and personal interviews with
friends who are HIV+. Format of playable real-time chat and the
stillness, slowness and no-links-to-click-away disturbed a lot of
people, but those who got through liked the switch in perception and
moving/inspiring content.

Would consider using your web software in the future, but can not
expect people to run custom apps for a single chat interview, so we
are still looking for web based app to capture keystrokes and export
into a XML or some open binary format. Any ideas?

Stay well and keep up the good work!
zB ;-)

On Sat, Apr 19, 2008 at 6:36 PM, annet <annet@virtueelplatform.nl> wrote:
>  *TBT [Time Based Text]: an experiment(al) (in) writing*


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