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Re: <nettime> Proposal to create EU-wide "troublemakers" database

Doesn't this seem like the logical conclusion of the development of 
"perfect" immigration controls, to be able to select at will who can go 
where when, and expel those who are unwanted, based on political choices 
by governments to support their own interests? Combined with RFID 
technologies currently proliferating and biometric identification, we 
can imagine the total control of population movements just around the 
corner, the total realization of biopolitical control. It does seem that 
becoming stateless, zombie process, would be a form of resistance, but 
of course that kind of inoperability means a loss of any of the 
biopolitical life support, health care, jobs, etc...

nettime's troublemaker wrote:

> Proposal to create EU-wide "troublemakers" database
> http://www.statewatch.org/news/2008/apr/04eu-troublemakers.htm
> - to "prevent individuals or groups who are considered to pose a potential 
> threat to the maintenance of public law and order and/or security from 
> travelling to the location of the event"


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