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<nettime> Waves: Final Call: Workshop with Martin Howse, Dortmund, 9 - 11 May, 2008

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* * *

FINAL CALL - only a few places left!

An active, artistic investigation of 
electromagnetic substance within a constructed 

Workshop with Martin Howse (GB)

HMKV at PHOENIX Halle Dortmund
May 9 - 11, 2008, daily 12:00 - 19:00
Max. 12 participants, in English, free admission
Registration is requested until May 2, 2008, at

In the framework of ?Waves: The Art of the 
Electromagnetic Society", HMKV at PHOENIX Halle 
Dortmund, May 10 - June 29, 2008, opening: 
Friday, May 9, 2008, 19:00,

PHOENIX Halle Dortmund
Hochofenstr. / Ecke Rombergstr.

* * *

Ether, or Æther (aiqhr, probably from aiqw, I 
burn, though Plato in his Cratylus derives the 
name from its perpetual motion - oti aei qei peri 
ton aera rewn, aeiqehr dikaiwV an kaloito), a 
material substance of more subtle kind than 
visible bodies, supposed to exist in those parts 
of space which are apparently empty.

(James Clerk Maxwell. Encyclopaedia Britannica 1875)

Presenting a clear sequel to the Maxwell City 
workshop in Oslo (Atelier Nord, 2007) which 
investigated a broad spectrum of contemporary 
concern with electromagnetic phenomena (EM), 
Demons in the Aether attempts active intervention 
into the ghosted EM city. The speculative work of 
James Clerk Maxwell informs both workshops, with 
the notion of entropy and thus ecology bridging 
physics and information theory; a clear route 
from thermodynamics into the digital domain. 
Equally, under the sign of the aether, Maxwell 
can well be considered as an essential figure 
within a contemporary physics of uncertainty.

Notions of signal and noise offer clear variables 
within our own artistic equations, rewriting 
those of Maxwell, which attempt to make sense, to 
decode an architecture sketching (in)visibility 
and a politics of the spectrum. At the same time, 
these watchwords provide a ready route into 
primarily physical, active intervention; a 
reworking of the intentionality of transmission.

Across three days workshop participants, the 
demons in the aether, will both investigate and 
construct city-wide EM phenomena, exploring and 
producing an alien architecture of emissions. 
Simple devices will be built in both instances, 
translating between audible, physical trace and 
the aether itself.

* * *


Friday, May 9, 2008, 12:00 - 19:00:
- Short introduction to electromagnetic [EM] 
phenomena primarily through demonstration [static 
electricity, spark transmission, Van Eck 
- Comparison of a few designs for EM sniffer or 
probe devices within the context of the EM 
- Construction by participants of the most simple hardware probe device
- First city field trip with constructed probes

Saturday, May 10, 2008/Sunday, May 11, 2008, each day 12:00 - 19:00:
- Discussion of first field trip findings. 
Interpretations of recorded material.
- Construction and experimentation with simple 
devices allowing intervention into EM space 
(wideband transmission, creation of magnetic 
fields). Investigation of effects on matter.
- Second field trip investigating EM architecture 
and investigation (use of city material as ad-hoc 
- Concluding discussion and projection for further artistic work.

Enquiries about the workshop, registration until May 2, 2008:
Martin Howse,,

- free admission to the workshop, but
- the participants will have to pay travel and accomodation costs themselves
- HMKV recommends the City Hotel Dortmund 
( or Ruhgebiet 

For any further information, please contact

Hartware MedienKunstVerein
Guentherstrasse 65
D-44143 Dortmund
T ++49 (0) 231 - 823 106
F ++49 (0) 231 - 882 02 40

Exhibition venue:
PHOENIX Halle Dortmund
Hochofenstr. / Ecke Rombergstr.


Dr. Inke Arns
Künstlerische Leiterin / Artistic Director
Hartware MedienKunstVerein
Güntherstrasse 65
D-44143 Dortmund
T +49 - 231 - 823 106
F +49 - 231 - 882 02 40
M +49 - 176 - 430 62 793

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