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Re: <nettime> [spectre] Klaudio Stefancic: New Media Art in Croatia

On Mon, Jul 14, 2008 at 9:17 PM, Ana Peraica <ana.peraica@st.htnet.hr> wrote:

> But, I am not sure what makes your criteria for "in Croatia"? Is it an
> artist? a curator? a theorist? whose placement? Whole archive of mailing
> lists is in Split, Croatia on Zvone's disk.

I think my interpretation of Klaudio's perspective was clear,
I am sorry if you fail to agree or comprehend.

> Mentioned networks are actually only nationally funded... There are much
> more of places than mentioned and there are also events (previous to those
> mentioned) which are not under the Soros or Ministry of culture fund.

maybe so - you are free to do so in your own way and your own summaries.
if I remember correctly you had significantly more appealing contexts to do so
in commisions to promote "Croatian" media art and culture
(at least through ECF's project, writing in Springerin, NSK/Inke's web

> There was a great exhibition Slike Prostora (Zvone was curating in Split),
> there is a great underwater production lab by Ivo Dekovic's on Rt Razanj
> merging each year students from Aachen and Split. And nearby there is also a

I agree it is a great pitty that Zvone's work was not visible in Croatia and
that Ivo Dekovic did not work with curators/writers to promote those

> great place Kalebova Luka where Patrice, Geert (if I remember correctly),
> Fritz and others were coming in the early 90s till today, which is more than
> important. There we were getting all the information on festivals, studies,

Maybe you should focus on those "summer" and
"coastal" activities in your own text...
I would be glad to send you info on local and informal work I was engaged
with in SplitConnect to make sure it gets included.

> even grants... Network of friends, not Soros funds...

Personally I do not see Soros's cultural funding to be less real/correct
then substidized media culture work of the Netherlands/Germany/Austria...
At times it prodused interesting and unique results, but sometimes it was
as uninspiring as any average work in EU countries.

> It is all about people... not about nation or position. And there it is
> really unfair not to mention the engagement of the Syndicate, some
> Nettimers.  Croatia wasn't disconnected island during the 90s but it was
> hard to travel so the Internet communities were functioning to bridge and
> connect.

I do not read in Klaudio's text any implications of that sort.

> But I think old Nettimers actually know who was in Split in these years far
> better and for how many years Split Film Festival was inviting and reporting
> on Syndicate...

...and if they are not that "old"?

best - Z

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