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Re: <nettime> Karadzic's website digest [x3: Spaink, Wilson, Young]

On Jul 24, 2008, at 22:49 , t byfield wrote:

> The droll facts (domain registration, hosting) are hardly in
> dispute, but the interesting issues get paved over in the zeal
> to show that someone's been duped. Where did the images and bio
> factoids come from? The debunkers assume (I guess) that the Dabic
> site laundered images available elsewhere, but the chronology
> makes much more sense if you assume the opposite -- that the media
> laundered images first distributed through the Dabic site.

Could very well be the case... The only information I have is that
I read about the fake site in a newspaper before you posted its
contents. Which, of course, doesn't probe one thing nor another.

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