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<nettime> Sharing is Sexy in Arse, in Lickety Split, in the dumpsters!

Hi all,

Here are a few updates about Sharing is Sexy...

New Dumpster Porn set!

Cunt Foraging: Reclaiming the Dumpster with Pennyroyal and J Bird

photos by lotus, images here: http://sharingissexy.org/image/tid/152


Lickety Split is an amazing "pansexual smut zine" made in Montreal,
Quebec. After our recent meeting at the Thinking Smut panel at McGill in
Montreal, the amazing people that make Lickety Split invited us to
contribute some photos and some thoughts to their next issue. Well, its
out! Check out Lickety Split #6, The Risk Issue to see some lovely Sharing
is Sexy images in print! Hooray for the amazingly sexy french speaking
queer people of Montreal. Goddamn I love them.

Images, links and more info here: http://sharingissexy.org/node/818


Sharing is Sexy will be presenting a talk at Arse Elektronika, organized
by new media troublemakers Monochrom, in San Francisco on September 28th.
The conference, titled "Do Androids Sleep With Electric Sheep?" will
discuss "Critical Perspectives on Sexuality and Pornography in Science and
Social Fiction". Our talk is entitled "Radical Porn - Intercourse between
fantasy and reality" and will discuss the usage of the real in narratives
of porn projects which call themselves radical, feminist or

Schedule and talk abstracts were just posted here:


So much more at http://sharingissexy.org



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