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<nettime> PLEASE DISTRIBUTE WIDELY Garbage Emergency in Naples


Garbage Emergency in Naples: despite Prime Minister Berlusconi?s  
assurance that it is all over, the crisis continues.

   Thousands of demonstrators have yet again taken to the streets to  
protest Naples? new dumping site: the inhabitants from the designated  
area of Chiaiano, delegations of protesters from other affected areas  
in the Campania region, groups from Vicenza, Padua, Piedmont and Lazio.

   While waiting for permission by the authorities to let some  
institutional representatives and citizens inspect the quarry that  
will soon become a dump, the peaceful crowd was attacked by riot  
police. Breaking through the first rows of protesters, who had no  
defence but a couple of motorcycle helmets, the police beat up and  
kicked them. One person was arrested, a young woman was kicked and  
punched while on the floor and ended up in hospital with a dozen  
wounds and bruises. At least another 15 demonstrators followed a  
similar fate.

   Later on, while the Carabinieri were charging again, the Polizia  
used CS tear gas??the stinging one used in Genoa during the G8  
summit?? scaring even the agents, who had to turn back due to the  
unbreathable air.  The fire cracker that exploded to help  
demonstrators leave did not cause any harm to the police forces. This  
is clearly visible in this video showing what happened during the  
rally, beyond any fancy reconstructions of yet another journalist who  
claims to have been there.


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