Ana Peraica on Thu, 4 Dec 2008 20:55:25 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Facebook 24 hours summary; new arrestings, apologizes...

Hi everyone again,

here is the summary of events regrading Facebook groups in Croatia; new 
arresting, apologizes, international media pressure....
A chronology of events after arresting of Niksa Klecak.

Two more Facebook "activists," as they call them, were arrested for 
putting posters on initiative of one group "Stegnite vi svoj remen bando 

Posters were announcing demonstrations in all major Croatian cities for 
5th December.

Bijesprvi, an author of Youtube movies, has made a movie 
but it was latter on censored in largest daily newspapers

A new Facebook grows with topic "Break into my apartment you band of 

New web page appears - Arrest us!
where it is stated - This is the page of the victims of "democration" 
You can put down the TV but not this web-page"

International media reports on Facebook democracy.

Prime minister asks two ministers to report what was the problem as 
international media is reporting on arresting of Facebookers.

Two ministers (of police and internal secret affairs) apologize to 

Facebookers do not accept the apologize

Prime minister, pushed by all reporting on Facebookers claims they have 
right on the freedom of speech.


The group organizing in Zagreb didn't yet get the permission for 
demonstrations, as can be read from their page.

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