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Re: <nettime> Saskia Sassen: Cities and new wars: after Mumbai

good point (should we use violence instead of war)
here is my reasons for chosing wars, strictly speaking: "new wars".
There is a huge literature on violence and cities. and it gets caught  
up at one end with policiy issues, vnadalism etc. and at the other  
extreme with interpersonal, spycholgical etc. violence.

I am trying to carve out a space that is neithr of these, and to  
detect if there is a systemic undercurrent that needs to be caputred  
and to do so we cannot use such a broad term as violence.

so yes, what i am after is much rarer probably than  violence in  
general in cities.

really enjoying reading all the posts on nettime that came my way on  
this subject. if i do not always repsond it is becasue im running to a  
class (yeah, or to a plane..;)

my experienc eof em is that if i do not answer promptly, i do not get  
to answer it. it is a bit the character of the medium.

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