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<nettime> Greek translators needed urgently

*Please forward widely*

Indymedia activists in Greece are *urgently* in need of help with
translations from and into Greek.

There is a lot of international attention for what is going on in Greece
now and there are many articles on the Athens IMC website - in Greek

The Athens indymedia website is currently struggling with a huge number
of people accessing the site. The global Indymedia network is now
working on a different solution and this solution needs help translating
technical terms into Greek.

If you understand Greek and want to help translate either the Greek
content of or (mostly easy) technical terms into
Greek to help the new site come to life, please contact these addresses:

==>    www-gr[AT] for *content*    <==
==>  imc-tech[AT] for *tech terms* <==

Please be patient - the Greek activists are under a lot of pressure now.

Another option is of course to pick interesting articles in Greek
language from IMC Athens, translate them and post the translations as
articles. This would also be appreciated.

You won't be expected to do more than you can. Any bit of help is a
great help.

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