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<nettime> 7 plants

In a world dominated by faster and faster digital machinery, it's time 
to stress the merits of 'slow computing' and the beauty of non-digital 
visualization, as is demonstrated by the 'auto-interactive greenhouse' 
project realized by CollectiefMei2007.

A computer-connected greenhouse in the basement of an abandoned cheese 
factory in the north of The Netherlands hosts 7 plants, each one 
representing one of our 7 continents. Artificial light and water 
conditions are controlled for each plant individually.

Support 'your' plant (the one connected to your continent) by visiting 
the project-website:

The installation transforms all attention for the '3x3' project into 
controlled water and light supply for each of the plants, based on 
real-time geographic analysis of website-traffic data. The plants have 
been growing since the 2nd week of November. The growth results, and 
thus the visualization of the reach of the project's publicity, will be 
presented to the public on the 13th of December at the 
artist-in-residence space of Stichting KiK in Kolderveen, The 
Netherlands. (More info and photos on the project-website)

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