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<nettime> New Collaborative Networked E-Mail Opera: 'I Wonder how their Voices Sound'

I Wonder how their Voices Sound - Gregg Murray, Bj?rn Magnhild?en &  
A. Andreas,

Little Wryting Play Act IV, Scene XXIII, a compendium by Bob BrueckL  
with parts of several authors as originally appeared on the Theory &  
Wryting list, 2008.

Rearranged and sonofied for inclusion in our new collaborative  
networked E-Mail Opera: 'I Wonder how their Voices Sound'

Anyone able to locate Bob's Compendium, using the facts here given,  
and! sending us a verifiable mp3 file with the voiced text of one of  
the original contributors to


is assured of her/his piece being incorporated in the opera and  
tribute being paid to her/his name.

Submissions can be made by both individual & collective contributors

Scheduled Premiere: Winter 2009.[red.]


::: Gregg Murray :::

::: Bjoern Maghildoen :::

::: A. Andreas :::

A. Andreas


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