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Re: <nettime> New School for Social Research is now being OCCUPIED

On 17-Dec-08, at 9:20 PM, onto wrote:

>> From New York City:
> With solidarity and love from New York to Greece,
> To Italy, France and Spain,
> To the coming insurrection.

...and add Canada to this. I know we are not occupying universities  
and we are not making the media, but we have been fighting quite a  
bit in the past year.
  York University Teaching Assistants, Contract Faculty and Graduate  
Assistants have been on (quite a battled one) strike since November  
6. our first priority is to target the casualization of education and  
job precarity in academia. you can read some info here ( http://www. . we have "cloned our university (   
website (, we have posted youtube videos to denounce the  
increasingly corporate situation of our academic institutions and the  
appalling isolation and humiliation of part-time faculty. a group of  
undergraduate students have joined us too.
the university is fighting back using its big corporate power and its  
highly paid lawyers with big media releases, statements and, since  
monday, the banning of media from the university space.

York university is not alone here in canada. since March, other  
universities walked out of their jobs (Wilfrid Laurier university  
and  University of Windsor) while other universities almost walked  
out for the same reasons (Guelph, McMaster). The  University of  
Toronto will likely walk out as well.

> - New School Occupation Committee

I know we are coming from different contexts, but we can probably  
join forces to a certain extent. at least in denouncing the state of  

in solidarity

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