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<nettime> IOcose introduces The Empathy Box

"As often as their skins are wholly burned, we shall give them in
exchange other skins" (Koran 4:56)

The Bureau of United Religions proudly presents:
The Empathy Box©
the new revolutionary machine for improving your life and faith

The best scientists and theologians gathered together to contribute to
its creation and now the result is in your hands!

Let's bring together all your friends, your beloved family and
colleagues. Turn on the Empathy Box© and you are ready to experience a
genuine and sound spiritual sensation.
Touch the metal spheres, hold your hands and get ready to feel an
electric shock that will make your soul burn for joy! Forget all those
long and boring ceremonies you got used to: now religion can be enjoyed
completely with no frills merely by sitting in your living room.

The Empathy Box is distributed by
Please contact us for a free demonstration!

"An empathy box it's an extension of your body; it's the way you touch
other humans, it's the way you stop being alone"
(Philip K. Dick, 'Do androids dream of electric sheep?')

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