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<nettime> Interviewing the crisis

*Interviewing the Crisis*
(please spread and participate)

a series of interviews and articles on the financial crisis and on its 
impact on art, with specific focus on the innovative practices through 
which people, communities and organizations around the world are 
starting to confront the changing scenario through technology, 
innovation, collaboration and activism.

browse here for a short review:


the articles will be progressively found on ArtsBlog.it

Already published:

- an Introduction to the project

- interviewing the crisis part 1:  Helen Thorington e Jo-Anne Green  @  

Soon to follow: Marc Garrett @NetBehaviour/FurtherField/loads_more  and 
Simona Lodi@ToShare

We are accepting requests: if you want to publish a point of view or be 
interviewed for the project, let us know.
The articles will be collected in an online publication.
Articles will be in italian. Interviews will be in Italian and English.
Any help in translating is truly welcome

please spread and participate


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