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*Urgent petition to keep UEL open during G20 Summit*
The University of East London (UEL) was supposed to host an alternative
summit on April 1st in
the context of the upcoming G20 meeting on April 2nd. Following the media
and police hype about
possible disruptions to the city, the University withdrew its support for
the alternative summit. [...]

*European call for a counter summit in Louvain against the Bologna process *
*? This is a crisis ?, is the most uttered sentence during these last
months. Yes, this is indeed a crisis.
An economic crisis throughout society. But this crisis is also social,
cultural and environmental,
in one word: a general or structural crisis.* [...]

*France- Give us back that which is owed! *
*Interview with Philosopher Judith Revel on the protest the 19 of March. *
Three million people in the streets against the politics of President
Sarkozy. The crisis is being felt
and the French are not remaining silent. For the second time in the space of
2 months, 219 protests
block the country. [...]

Student's demonstration in Barcelona *
For the second time a massive student's demonstration has crossed the
streets of Barcelona last
Thursday at night. The protest against the Bolongna process, that is the
unification of the European
higher education system, have suddenly exploded. [...]

*We won't pay for your crisis! Budget Cuts at UNC- University of North
Carolina Chapell Hill *
Demanding transparency and community accountability, members of 3Cs joined
40-50 other students,
faculty and staff of UNC as we marched on the Board of Trustees meeting
Thursday morning, March 26.
A truly transnational rally ? drawing chants and slogans from both
Thatcherite era struggles
(?They say cut back, we say fight back!?), and the current anomalous wave
movement. [...]

*The Common and the Forms of the Commune - Alternative Social Imaginaries
Symposium *
The motivation of this symposium is to facilitate a conversation between two
vibrant veins of work
within Marxian tradition. In naming these veins as Autonomist Marxism and
Althusserian Marxism,
our intent is not to treat them as mutually exclusive and unified schools of
thought. [...]

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