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<nettime> Oleg Kireev commited suicide yestarday

Very important Russian activist and friend - Oleg Kireev commited suicide
yestarday in Moscow.

He was amazing person - author of 2 important books, those one who organised
several big activist campaigns (Against All, Barricade) and a trigger of many
artistic and activist movements in Moscow. Also pioner and promoter of free
soft (active participant of Next Five Minutes festival in Amsterdam) and
transform contributor

Being a good friend with Oleg I could say that he is definitely is one more
victim of new repressive climate in Russian political life that gives no way
for such a brilliant persons to realise even a small part of their dreams and

We miss him a lot - it is a big loss for the whole situation in Russia.

Dmitry Vilensky

ps - in att the photo of Oleg speaking at Russian Social Forum in 2006 

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