Bruce Sterling on Mon, 6 Apr 2009 03:18:40 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Seeking nominees for next-generation worldchanging activism

*... worldchanging activists who can, presumably, make their way into  
the USA somehow.
But wait, PopTech has got huge travel budgets!  And their catering is  

*I was  trying hard to think of any candidate I know who is (a)  
changing this world FOR
THE BETTER and (b) wouldn't shock or startle these kindly, well- 
heeled geeks at PopTech.
Comin' up a little dry, though.

*So, hold on -- why not some *Euro-radical tactical-media character*  
from nettime? Somebody
who'll fall like a Trotskyite meteor on these PopTech apparatchiks,  
and give 'em both barrels
about Late Capitalism and the Creative Class!  Special bonus if you  
are under 30,
Italian, lavishly tattooed, and you're way into gender-indeterminate  

*Nominate yourself, and I'll nominate YOU!  Worldchanging chance of a  
lifetime!  --

Dear Bruce  (((yo!))),

As you may know, each year PopTech selects up to 15 next-generation  
world-changing people who are incubating new approaches to some of  
the world's toughest challenges to become Social Innovation Fellows:

<a href="";> 

We need your help to find the class of 2009!

Fellows participate in an all-expenses-paid, multi-day intensive  
development program focused on insights, tools and skills for  
accelerating and scaling "big bet" innovations in areas like  
healthcare, energy, development, mobile technology, climate,  
education, and civic engagement, among others. Fellows receive world- 
class training in areas like branding, design, measuring impact,  
media relations, social/Web2.0 media, finance, leadership, digital  
storytelling and organizational development.   (((Who can't like  
THAT?!  Especially the "finance leadership"!)))

These sessions are led by remarkable leaders in these areas -- here  
are some of the 2008 faculty:

After the program, Fellows then participate in and present at the  
PopTech conference, which will take place this year from October  
21-24, 2009 in Camden, Maine. Fellows receive prominent placement at  
the conference, including arranged interviews and collaborative  
sessions with leading journalists and sessions with members of the  
PopTech network dedicated to helping them amplify their work and  
profile. Here are some of the absolutely fantastic presentations from  
the Fellows class of 2008:

If you are or know someone who should be a 2009 Social Innovation  
Fellow, nominate them here:

Even if you don't know someone who should be a candidate, please help  
us spread the word -- via email, blog post or tweet. And keep an eye  
on your inbox -- later this year we'll be announcing some new ways  
that members of the Pop!Tech community can get even more involved in  
the Fellows program.

Many thanks, and much more to come!

Andrew and the PopTech Team

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